Every day on my way to work I pass this windmill. It’s been a favorite subject of mine to photograph for some time now. And I have done so under many different conditions and seasons. Once someone said that I should turn all my images into a book about the Grote Molen. (That is its name; The Big Windmill) I might just try that sometimes…

This time I found myself not waiting for the dramatic light but rather having early daylight bringing out the colors of the flowers and the sky. I just loved how the yellow rapeseed in the bank of the ditch creates this colorful line of yellow leading towards the windmill. That, and the lovely clouds to me invited me to try and capture this image. being careful not to slip and fall into the water I moved closer and loser to the edge of the water so that the division between the lush fresh green grass on the other side became a little wider. And the line of the ditch helps a lot in the composition of this image.

Hope you like!

The Great Divide


Then in the following week the field got mowed and the color of the field was amazing… The rapeseed in the banks was slowly becoming less in bloom and I kept looking at this amazing bright yellow/green color of the fresh cut grass the next couple of days…


And then… a couple of days later… the conditions were simply amazing… I waited a couple of minutes for the sun to shine directly on the windmill and grabbed a couple of shots… I personally love the colors and the contrast in the image below.. how about you? Did it get better than the first one in this post?



  1. Comment by Kees Jan Lok

    Kees Jan Lok Reply 23 mei 2015 at 09:40

    Alle drie zijn het mooie foto’s, maar zoals je zegt.. De derde vind ik ook het mooist. De lucht heeft heel veel diepte; de molen is lekker helder belicht en het veld heeft een mooie frisse graskleur met links De mooie witte bloemen.

    • Comment by Martijn van der Nat

      Martijn van der Nat Reply 23 mei 2015 at 10:05

      Dank je voor je reactie Kees Jan! Heel erg leuk dat je reageert! Ik was inderdaad een week geleden erg blij met de eerste maar toen het veld gemaaid was en de condities ongeveer hetzelfde maakte het contrast van het directe zonlicht toch een overtreffende trap…

  2. Comment by Gilberto Lemes

    Gilberto Lemes Reply 5 juni 2015 at 14:14


    I put your page in my blogspot.

    Gilberto Lemes

    • Comment by Martijn van der Nat

      Martijn van der Nat Reply 5 juni 2015 at 14:16

      Thank you Gilberto! Looking forward to that!

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