Here’s a small collection of close-up/macro images I took the last couple of weeks… I have had a fascination of dandelions for a while. I just love their structure and the background colors that happen when the background is filtered through the out of focus seedpods of the dandelion. I know it its a classic shot but hey, one must first study the classics in order to become a master right?

And of course practice makes perfect so I’ve been out and practicing some shots and what works and what not…

But most of the time I’m just enjoying the little details of nature getting into spring/summer mode.

In the mean time I did a couple of completely different shoots than usual. Maybe I’ll show some stuff next time. Some portraits and e very commercial looking editorial stuff. Keep you posted!
JMN_20150508-_DSC1394 JMN_20150512-_DSC1468 JMN_20150520-_DSC1956 JMN_20150527-_DSC2110 JMN_20150527-_DSC2120 JMN_20150527-_DSC2124 JMN_20150603-_DSC2278 JMN_20150605-_DSC2446 JMN_20150605-_DSC2459


  1. Comment by Colin Turner

    Colin Turner Reply 17 juli 2015 at 20:19

    Just beautiful, really lovely photos.

    • Comment by Martijn van der Nat

      Martijn van der Nat Reply 17 juli 2015 at 21:21

      Thank you very much Colin!

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