Long Exposures & Architecture

Lately I’ve been photographing a lot of long exposures. And I’m especially intrigued by architectural black and white long exposures. Inspired by artists like Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia-Anna Gospodarou I’ve been wanting/planning to do a shot like this for a long time now. Finally a chance arose. A building in my hometown of Leiden, The […]

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Landscape Photography at Katwijk, Buitensluis

Sunset at Katwijk, A good friend of mine wanted to experiment and learn long exposure landscape/seascape photography. So after checking the weather and tide and matching our own schedule we finally hooked up on a warm monday evening in July. We decided to go to the location where the Rhine finally ends up in the North […]

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Regio Stock

As you may or may not allready know I am a Graphic Designer by profession. In my work my clients and I often encounter the need for a regional image. Something that adds context to the design or emphasises it’s localisation. If you search for images you can find a lot of them on stock […]

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