Editors Pick

Yay! my image; Cold Sunrise has been picked as editors pick over at www.500px.com! I was pleasantly surprised that ‘they’ picked my image. The exposure you get once your image has been selected as editors pick is massive! you can check www.500px.com It’s a great place for photo’s and you can sign up for free!

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Clouded Judgement

It is the 22nd of March, 5:30 in the morning and my alarm just went off… I suddenly remember why I decided to get up this silly hour… I was planning on taking a photograph of the jetty of the Vlietlanden, a small recreational lake in the neighbourhood. For weeks I was wondering how my […]

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From the start

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by photography. Watching my dad taking holiday snapshots with his Pentax camera. Having him explain to me how to take a photograph and how the exposure meter worked and ‘helping’ him in his darkroom to develop the pictures. All on a very basic level. He was […]

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