Here comes the Rain

I had to work late, on my day off… so after dinner I set off to get to work. My wife asked me why is your photo gear standing by? Being caught in the act I reacted shy; ‘Euhh maybe I get a chance to take a photo along the way?’ My wife gave me […]

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The story of my favorite Windmill and a rainbow

I pass this windmill almost every day on my way to work. It is a favorite subject in my images and Instagram stream. Every day the conditions are different, sometimes not even worth mentioning and sometimes capture-worthy. Most of the time when it’s looking nice I cannot resist grabbing my iPhone and taking a shot […]

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Recent portrait Work

Shooting portraits is a ‘thing’ for me lately. I have been experimenting from time to time but last week I got to do it for real! I just have a thing for a great environmental portrait and a headshot or an intimate portrait are photo’s I really love taking. I just love the concept of […]

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