I haven’t been out much lately. You know, the regular excuses of beeing busy with other stuff. But yesterday I just took a chance. I had hoped to go out and all day the weather was looking promising. I had two plans in my head, I ended up heading for the beach to go with plan A. (Hopefully the story behind plan B will follow soon 😉 So the beach it was. I had an image in my mind of the beautiful last rays of the sun with the dunes and the helm grass all lit up in awesome sidelight. But then about an hours before I went the weather changed. Dark ominous clouds came rollong in and a thunderstorm was forecast. I wondered if I should go but since I finally had the time for it I decided to go anyway…

It’s a short drive to the beach from where I live. All the time checking the progression of the weather. The more I got to the seaside the better things started to look. No direct sunlight yet but at least there was some interesting light. I walked around looking for shots, it was low tide and there were some other people at the beach as well. Even though it was warm enough to walk around on flip-flops and shorts I was glad I brought my raincoat with me because after a couple of minutes it started to rain a little bit. I kept checking the weather and the clouds coming in and noticed that the most severe rain would pass me by so I kept shooting. as you can see from the results there were a variety of subjects to be found an I took it upon myself to get as many different shots as I could. Even thug I did not end up with the image I had in mind I still had a fair amount of keepers…

So hopefully soon my other image I had in mind and the one with the dunes and the sun and the grass is on the shelf as well.

Here are the results, enjoy!


JMN_20150716-_DSC3767 JMN_20150716-_DSC3811-Edit

Sea Shells Sanctuary by Martijn van der Nat ISO 800, f3,5, 16 mm, 1/100, handheld

Sea Shells Sanctuary by Martijn van der Nat ISO 800, f3,5, 16 mm, 1/100, handheld

JMN_20150716-_DSC3792 Allmost Through JMN_20150716-_DSC3823-Edit

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