Documenting my hometown

As a small project I have taken it upon myself to start taking photographs of landmarks and characteristic buildings in my hometown. Usually on monday mornings I set out and venture into the city. Some of these subject are really cliche and have been photographed so often that for me there is no real challenge […]

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The Log

Sunrise landscape photography at the Vlietlanden, it is friday the 10th of January and it’s cold but not as cold as it should be. I’ve been to this location before but this time I was looking for a different subject. My composition is made and I was waiting for the light and clouds do their […]

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Best of 2013

My last post with the video ‘looking back’ actually was made because of this post; My top 10 pictures of 2013. It has been a great year for me on the subject of photography; It was the year that I started to take myself and my photography serious. It started with me getting a ‘proper’ wide angle […]

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Looking back

2013 was a great year for me photography department. It was the year that I started to take myself and my photography serious. It started with me getting a ‘proper’ wide angle lense, a website, contributing to a stock site, having a webshop over at werkaandemuur and of course a lot of new photographs! This […]

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What a Week

A quick blogpost. It has been some week, we have had many different kinds of weather in the Netherlands this past week. Varying from stoms to normal december weather to ice cold frost bitten mornings to foggy and misty sunrises. All of which were wonderful to go out in and try to capture them. Some […]

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Learning from the archives

Frost has taken over the landscape as it is patiently waiting for the sunrise. Along with the sun comes the promise of (a little) warmth. Until then the landscape holds it’s breath and abides the cold. I captured this image a year ago on a very cold november morning. It has been one good year […]

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Shadows and Stockings

The Hague’s Beatrixkwartier on a beautiful monday fall-morning. This location was on top of my list and I finally had the opportunity. Earlier that morning I went to Oegstgeest and shot the small castle of Oud Poelgeest but soon a little haze came into the sky so the fall colors on the tree’s were not […]

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Something Different (for me)

I was walking in the dunes of Katwijk with my kids, we kind of got lost in between the high sand dunes and i took a while to get back to the place we’ve started. During the walk the weather had changed from clear to cloudy/overcast. To bad because I was hoping to be abeled […]

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Here comes the Rain

I had to work late, on my day off… so after dinner I set off to get to work. My wife asked me why is your photo gear standing by? Being caught in the act I reacted shy; ‘Euhh maybe I get a chance to take a photo along the way?’ My wife gave me […]

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The story of my favorite Windmill and a rainbow

I pass this windmill almost every day on my way to work. It is a favorite subject in my images and Instagram stream. Every day the conditions are different, sometimes not even worth mentioning and sometimes capture-worthy. Most of the time when it’s looking nice I cannot resist grabbing my iPhone and taking a shot […]

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