I had to work late, on my day off… so after dinner I set off to get to work. My wife asked me why is your photo gear standing by? Being caught in the act I reacted shy; ‘Euhh maybe I get a chance to take a photo along the way?’ My wife gave me ’the look’ and rolled with her eyes. Off I went. The conditions were perfect all day; heavy clouds blue skies and small showers of rain. Sometimes even with a rainbow. (that was the same day) I knew I had to rush to be on time for sunset. But when I arrived at the desired location a big raincloud was going to block the sunset and the rain prevented me to even get out of my car, let alone take a few shots. Time for plan B. Got back into the car and drove in out of the cloud into a spot further down the road. I was right on time for the fireworks to begin. the big raincloud was going to catch up with me and the light had a strange quality I hadn’t seen up until this day. All in all a dramatic effect and light ends up on my captures.

I was abled to get a few shots and then I had to make a run for the car..

Run Forest! RUN!

ISO 200, 14 mm, f8, 1/4 sec, Hard grad ND

Sunset Storm

ISO 200, 12 mm, f8, 1/4 sec, Hard grad ND

Angry Skies

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