A quick blogpost. It has been some week, we have had many different kinds of weather in the Netherlands this past week. Varying from stoms to normal december weather to ice cold frost bitten mornings to foggy and misty sunrises. All of which were wonderful to go out in and try to capture them.

Some are still works in progress and need a little more processing but hey I just really wanted to share!

foto 1Monday was a slow starter with the weather and all but in the end finally the sun peeked through and I was abeled to capture these two shots. Check out my iphone shot of the setup when I was taking shots of the Achthovense Molen. It almost looks like kinderdijk there, so many windmills in a very small area!

_DSC8616 Achthovense Molen

foto 2

Then wednesday turned out to be an ice cold morning and frost was covering the landscape, an excellent condition to capture the morning light on the frost. So After I dropped my kids off to school and daycare I cycled to my work and stopped along the way. On the small insert you can see the setup of photographing the Zijllaanmolen. Believe it or not, but this windmill is almost surrounded by modern architecture houses… this is one of the angle’s that it doesn’t show. It was originally build weel out of the city limits but the city just kept on growing…

I somehow managed to break my tripod flip lock, still have no clue how it happened, it was not even freezing that hard…  I quickly ordered a new one but will have to wait for it to arrive…

foto 3


11-12-13 Golden Blue


 There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. – Ansel Adams

Finally Friday was totally fogged out, so i got up early and headed out to the Vlietlanden to capture the eeriness and loneliness of the foggy landscapes. Even though I’ve been to this spot several times the conditions keep changing so much that I keep finding new angles and shots.

Here’s another Iphone shot of my setup… I must doe a video blog someday to show how and why I compose like I do…

foto 4

anyway that was my busy week so how was yours?

_DSC8666 _DSC8684



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