I pass this windmill almost every day on my way to work. It is a favorite subject in my images and Instagram stream. Every day the conditions are different, sometimes not even worth mentioning and sometimes capture-worthy. Most of the time when it’s looking nice I cannot resist grabbing my iPhone and taking a shot for Instagram. Sometimes I am tempted to bring my camera along.

But yesterday was something else… I brought my camera gear because the clouds were looking promising. So I started to capture an amazing cloud formation approaching the windmill. Then I looked up from my viewfinder and noticed a rainbow appearing. My heart skipped a beat and inside I had a little WOW!! moment. This was it! Unexpected but I was there with my gear! This was a very special moment!!!  I rearranged my composition and started shooting away. Then I realized that the rainbow wasn’t registering on my sensor… I concluded that my polarizing filter wast he culprit. Quickly adjusted the filter and that did the trick, I slightly underexposed the image for the rainbow to have nice color. Readjusted my composition again and went CLICK!

here it is, ‘The Promise’

ISO 200, 12 mm, -0.7 EV, f8, 1/250, Hard grad ND 0.6

The Promise


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