Sunrise landscape photography at the Vlietlanden, it is friday the 10th of January and it’s cold but not as cold as it should be. I’ve been to this location before but this time I was looking for a different subject.
My composition is made and I was waiting for the light and clouds do their dance. The sound of the geese that live on this little beach is far away and In my head I calm down, knowing I have to be at work soon I take a few shots and take off, the morning light was not really bringing all that I had hoped for.
‘Last Friday’
ISO 200, F8, 1,3 seconds, 10 mm,  Hitech 0.6 hard grad ND filter, tripod and remote release.
Last Friday
Fast forward to that same day, an hour before sunset, I arrive at the same location to try again. The light comes from a different angle and the clouds are dancing as well. After a couple of clicks I find myself looking for an ‘eye catcher’ some good foreground subject to lead into the frame. A little further lies a big stick, I try a couple of compositions but it’s not working for me. Then I see it; a big log of wood just lying around waiting to be photographed! This is it! I quickly compose because the light is fading rapidly and bam I got the shot! I try a couple of shots in landscape but they are not really working as nice as the portrait format.
’The Log’
ISO 200, F22, 0,8 seconds, 10 mm, Hitech 0.6 hard grad ND filter,  circular polarizing filter, tripod and remote release.
’The Log II’
ISO 200, F8, 1/5 seconds, 10 mm, Hitech 0.6 hard grad ND filter,  circular polarizing filter, tripod and remote release.
_DSC9340In addition, this morning I went back there at the same location and the log was still there! The sunrise was amazing so I took another couple of shots here’s the best one of this morning’s session;
The Log Revisited
ISO200, 12 mm, 0,67 EV, F25, 3 seconds, tripod, remote release, 0.3 ND Hard grad, 0.6 ND soft grad.
The Log Revisited
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