I was walking in the dunes of Katwijk with my kids, we kind of got lost in between the high sand dunes and i took a while to get back to the place we’ve started. During the walk the weather had changed from clear to cloudy/overcast. To bad because I was hoping to be abeled to catch a nice seascape with dramatic lighting and clouds.

_DSC6578After the walk we headed over to the beach. The kids went and started playing in the sand and I set up my tripod anyway just so I could experiment a bit. I had no idea what to do but thought it couldn’t hurt to play around with my camera & gear.

I wasn’t aware of it when I did it, but afterwards I was quite surprised myself. I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and did some out of the box conceptual landscape photography. I started experimenting with my 10-stop filter and after trying out a couple of different exposures and compositions I noticed that the clouds were very contrasting to the horizon and background. I quickly switched lenses to a longer zoom range and focussed my attention to the horizon. I only had two or three good shot’s because the kids wanted to go home but the two shots were enough for me. The results looked promising on the back of my camera and finally edited and processed I was very happy with the result. I took it upon myself to somehow make a series out of this. With the first two already done. I do not know yet how many episodes this series will get. We’ll see where this happy little experiment will take me.

Time Flies. Clouds rush over the North Sea. Waves pound the beach. Wind blows at its best. Fleeting sorrows and worries, welcoming peace. A Study in Fine Art Black and White seascape photography.

I’m very happy that the weather turned out the way it did and even more that I decided somehow to take out the camera and start experimenting. I ended up with getting totally different results that I usually do and it’s refreshing and inspiring to wander off into this new and unexplored unknown territory for me…

Here are the first two of the series.

Tempus Fugit I
ISO 200, 82 mm, f8, 31,2 seconds, Hitech IRND-10 stopper

Tempus Fugit I

This work is for sale in a Limited Edition Exclusive on canvas or fine-art framed print over at my shop 

Tempus Fugit II
ISO 200, 48 mm, f8, 13,2 seconds, Hitech IRND-10 stopper

Tempus Fugit II

This work is for sale on canvas or fine-art framed print over at my shop

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