At Day’s End

After a wonderful day the clouds were blown away and gave us this magnificent sunset. This image was captured roughly 10 minutes after sunset and taken on the same night as my previous blog entry: Bulb Exposure. Quite a contrast in colours and atmosphere isn’t it? It’s a spot that I’ve visited before but every […]

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Bulb Exposure

Every Dutch landscape photographer should have a picture of the world famous dutch flower fields right? It’s a cliché image to have in your portfolio but if done right it add’s great colour and perspective. Last year I had my very first try. I was staking out possible locations on the internet and after weeks […]

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We have a winner!

Somewhere in february I entered the monthly phototheme of the Fokkio blog/community. The theme for the month April was landscapes, right up my alley! The photograps had to have been taken within the three previous months and had to be landscapes! Happy and surprised to have won and the great comments from the jury, gave […]

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Editors Pick

Yay! my image; Cold Sunrise has been picked as editors pick over at! I was pleasantly surprised that ’they’ picked my image. The exposure you get once your image has been selected as editors pick is massive! you can check It’s a great place for photo’s and you can sign up for free!

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Clouded Judgement

It is the 22nd of March, 5:30 in the morning and my alarm just went off… I suddenly remember why I decided to get up this silly hour… I was planning on taking a photograph of the jetty of the Vlietlanden, a small recreational lake in the neighbourhood. For weeks I was wondering how my […]

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From the start

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by photography. Watching my dad taking holiday snapshots with his Pentax camera. Having him explain to me how to take a photograph and how the exposure meter worked and ‘helping’ him in his darkroom to develop the pictures. All on a very basic level. He was […]

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