Frost has taken over the landscape as it is patiently waiting for the sunrise. Along with the sun comes the promise of (a little) warmth. Until then the landscape holds it’s breath and abides the cold.
I captured this image a year ago on a very cold november morning. It has been one good year for me and I hope the next will be even better!
After this image was selected as editors pick over at things really took off… From its original upload it now has had 11992 Views, 1116 Likes and 557 Faves up until today and that is on alone.
I am still analyzing this image to learn from it and to be abled to make more images with this quality on a regular base. I just love to browse through my archives and learn from the things I captured, asking myself, what could I have done better, why does this image work? so what do you think?

tripod, remote release, Nikkor 18-200 VRII (yes the allround superzoom), ISO 200, 18 mm, f16, focus hyperfocal, 0,6 hard grad ND
Cold Sunrise
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