As a small project I have taken it upon myself to start taking photographs of landmarks and characteristic buildings in my hometown. Usually on monday mornings I set out and venture into the city. Some of these subject are really cliche and have been photographed so often that for me there is no real challenge in photographing them. Of course you can say well photograph them ‘different’ from the others then. But most of them have been photographed ‘different’ as well. The one thing I do try to use is trying to capture these tourist attractions in better light than most of the pictures I have seen.

My hometown has such an historic past that I’m not even close to half way to capture the lot of the landmarks but I’ starting to build up quite a little library of the things I already have shot. Most of the times I’ll visit a certain object multiple times just because I did not yet get the kind of shot I wanted. I try to keep a little more realistic light in these shots than the dramatic light I usually go for in my landscape images hence the term ‘documenting’. It just feels to me like documenting…

Of course some locations are better to be photographed in springtime or summer because of the trees that are in the frame. And some are best to shoot in the blue hour. Those kind of shots I’ll save up for warm summer evenings. In the mean time here’s a couple of images I have already captured.

So tell me what you think!

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And the latest addition: Galgewater


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