I’ve been an Apple Aperture fan since I’ve started out in digital photography a couple of years ago. But since Apple has stopped developing Aperture I knew a change was gonna come… Now I’ve been experimenting with Lightroom for a little while and am very impressed with some of the functionalities. I’m starting to get familiar with the methods of developing and I must say there are some features that I absolutely Love! Lense correction for starters is fantastic to have right from the start without having to go through photoshop. I also love how Lightroom handles the highlights and how much of them you can recover from a single RAW file. And because I have an somewhat older generation sensor noise reduction is an awesome feature to have as well and Lighroom really does an amazing job here!

So times are changing, time to switch… Or I’ve already switched. When I go back to Aperture to look up some of the old files for a client it feels sluggish and dated. I must say that I have that with every bit of new software that I get, the new features are getting me excited and i say out with the old and in with the new!

For me this is a new and exciting change, it opens up new possibilities and will change the way I shoot and process images. So my style will change a bit I guess.

At the same time I am in the process of changing the design of this website so hopefully more to come… times they are a changin’

Anyway here are some of the first results.



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