Rotterdam Revisited

Ever since my first trip to Rotterdam i was planning on returning to the awesome architecture of this beautiful metropolitan. After the initial trip i found more locations angles and inspirations and was eager to try them out. Me and a friend set out to capture a Classic shot of the ‘Kop van Zuid’ the […]

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Lovely Leiden II

I usually am drawn to locations with wide open area’s where you can see the horizon. You do not have to go very far in the Netherlands to get this. Almost every direction you leave the city you enter what’s called the polder. A rural area with meadows and fields and your occasional windmill. And […]

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Amsterdam Nights

Somewhere in September a friend of mine brought my attention to the Amsterdam Light Festival. I had heard of the festival but have never been there so it was put on my list. The thought of going to Amsterdam had not yet crossed my mind. I normally associate Amsterdam with tourists. busy streets, tourist shops […]

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Bright Lights, Big City

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Lovely Leiden

Ever since my company relocated in november last Year, my Daily commute takes me throug the center of the amazing city of Leiden. It made me re-rediscover my hometown again. I was born in Leiden and live in a city close by so I know the city of Leiden very well. Somehow my early morning […]

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A Leap of Faith

I’ve been an Apple Aperture fan since I’ve started out in digital photography a couple of years ago. But since Apple has stopped developing Aperture I knew a change was gonna come… Now I’ve been experimenting with Lightroom for a little while and am very impressed with some of the functionalities. I’m starting to get familiar […]

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Rembrandt’s Crib

An early morning view of the Galgewater in Leiden. Shot on a beautiful morning in Leiden, from the Rembrandtsbridge, next to windmill The Put. You can see the historic harbor and ships and the city’s timber yard. In the middle on the left is the house where Rembrandt van Rijn was born (the famous painter). […]

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