Every year I take the time to look back ay the images I produced that year and make a selection. The criteria for this selection is mostly determined by the images that mean something to me, that have a special story. It might be a long awaited location I wanted to visit or just images I like best.

It is a fun tradition and as usual I have made a slideshow video. It find it also good to look back and hopefully maybe even see some form of progression from previous years. Overall I can say that I see myself taking more portrait/vertical orientated shots (even though these did not make it to the slideshow for aspect ratio issues) and I see the tendency towards lighter post processing continued with more muted colors and less saturation.

This year was somewhat special since I had been asked to review several Tamron lenses, Participated in the Zoom.nl/Tamron testday, saw several images published in LEVEN! magazine along with a short interview and got invited to the Rijkswaterstaat Instawalk to the Oosterscheldekering.

So lets go hope you have four minutes to spare and relax watching some of my images of 2019.

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