A lovesong for Autumn

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September is here!

I have not been getting around to shooting any landscapes much lately. The reason behind this is that I’ve been busy redecorating our living room. Painting ceilings and window sills and all that. In the mean time I have had my eye on the weather and frustrating myself with amazing opportunities only to find out that […]

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Beyond color

It has been a while since I got out for a landscape shoot. Lack of time due to busy family life and mildly suffering from excuses like ‘where to go’ kept me at home. The weather was not playing along with my agenda too. Also there are simply so many locations to choose from but […]

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The Dunes of Katwijk

I work close to the town of Katwijk, a small peaceful seaside village in the Netherlands. The village and the inlands are protected from the sea by dunes. Not very high dunes but for the flat standards of a Dutch guy they seem like mountains! They make for great views and of course other types […]

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Best of 2015

Its a tradition for me to participate in the JMG-galeries best of the year list and this year is no different… Like previous years it was difficult to select the best ones so I just selected the ones that matter to me the most… Checkout the best of 2014 and 2013 too! Or watch the […]

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Improving on Editing

Recently I signed up for some stock agencies and their policy is to send in ten of your best images and have them reviewed. If seven are being selected you are in, if not, you can try again… Much to my surprise there were more images turned down than I had anticipated. Puts you right […]

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Can you follow?

People that allready follow me over at facebook have recently seen the edit preview of this shot taken in 2012. I was browsing trough my archives and then found this image. It was pushed in the background because There was a very strong ‘winner’ shot in that series so it got pushed into the background […]

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Country Road

I was on my way to a birthday party. Keeping my eye on the sky. I had anticipated that the sunset might become interesting that evening and on the way to the party there would be some nice locations I had never been before. After driving only 10 minutes the sunset was allready about to go into overdrive […]

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Looking back at 2014

  Like last year I decided to create an slideshow of my favorite images of 2014. Always fun to look back and see how things developed. It’s been a busy, but a good year. This year I have more commissioned work in my favorite images, just because I had more photography assignments. Who knows what next year will bring? And if you […]

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Castle Oud Poelgeest Fall Foliage

It’s that time of the year again. As a landscape photographer I have a bucket list of stuff to photograph in certain seasons. I mean, some things just look way better in winter and some things in springtime but in autumn… almost everything looks great! Because the sun is lower in the sky the light […]

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