Landscape Photography Tip: Revisiting a Location

As a landscape photographer you spend a lot of time searching for great locations. Most of the times a good location is not enough for good Landscape Photography. Especially if you live in my neck of the woods. Here’s a great tip; once you have found a location it is a good idea to go […]

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Landscape Photography at Katwijk, Buitensluis

Sunset at Katwijk, A good friend of mine wanted to experiment and learn long exposure landscape/seascape photography. So after checking the weather and tide and matching our own schedule we finally hooked up on a warm monday evening in July. We decided to go to the location where the Rhine finally ends up in the North […]

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Bulb Exposure II

This is a Follow-up from a previous blog called Bulb Exposure, you can read it here. Never make the same mistake, right? Oops, I think I just did… This week I was passing a field with fantastic purple tulips. I was on my way to check out another location but was very happy to see […]

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Bulb Exposure

Every Dutch landscape photographer should have a picture of the world famous dutch flower fields right? It’s a cliché image to have in your portfolio but if done right it add’s great colour and perspective. Last year I had my very first try. I was staking out possible locations on the internet and after weeks […]

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