Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Recently I got back from a short skiing trip. Of course I had to bring my camera along! I did loads of research in advance to come up with shots I was going to take and what perspective I wanted to have. The preparation was almost as much fun as the trip itself! […]

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Lovely Leiden

Ever since my company relocated in november last Year, my Daily commute takes me throug the center of the amazing city of Leiden. It made me re-rediscover my hometown again. I was born in Leiden and live in a city close by so I know the city of Leiden very well. Somehow my early morning […]

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Best of 2015

Its a tradition for me to participate in the JMG-galeries best of the year list and this year is no different… Like previous years it was difficult to select the best ones so I just selected the ones that matter to me the most… Checkout the best of 2014 and 2013 too! Or watch the […]

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The Beauty of the Fall

Autumn in the Netherlands. This year it was rather late but when it happened it really happened!!! Amazing colors and almost all of the trees were at their prime color around the same time!  If you follow me on Facebook some of you might have already seen a preview of these shots so make sure […]

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Improving on Editing

Recently I signed up for some stock agencies and their policy is to send in ten of your best images and have them reviewed. If seven are being selected you are in, if not, you can try again… Much to my surprise there were more images turned down than I had anticipated. Puts you right […]

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Can you follow?

People that allready follow me over at facebook have recently seen the edit preview of this shot taken in 2012. I was browsing trough my archives and then found this image. It was pushed in the background because There was a very strong ‘winner’ shot in that series so it got pushed into the background […]

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An Evening at the Beach

I haven’t been out much lately. You know, the regular excuses of beeing busy with other stuff. But yesterday I just took a chance. I had hoped to go out and all day the weather was looking promising. I had two plans in my head, I ended up heading for the beach to go with plan […]

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Macro Mania

Here’s a small collection of close-up/macro images I took the last couple of weeks… I have had a fascination of dandelions for a while. I just love their structure and the background colors that happen when the background is filtered through the out of focus seedpods of the dandelion. I know it its a classic […]

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On my way

Every day on my way to work I pass this windmill. It’s been a favorite subject of mine to photograph for some time now. And I have done so under many different conditions and seasons. Once someone said that I should turn all my images into a book about the Grote Molen. (That is its […]

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Always have a backup plan

Yup it’s tulip seison! A little late because of the long cold period but now its finally here! For those of you who have never seen the fields in real life; get inspired by this awesome drone footage.   A couple of weeks ago I went to the tulip fields and I found this amazing spot adjacent […]

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