I was out photographing the magnificent Dutch couds and the vista’s. Then while I was waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds a man came up to me. He lived in the house behind my position. He said that the view from his backyard across a little river was beautiful and invited me to come over and have a look. Then he asked If I would like to photograph his garden since he was very proud of his garden. He even offered to pay and asked me what the costs would be… So I ended up trying to find some nice angles in his garden. He said to me, ‘just go ahead an do your own thing, don’t mind me’. So I too a couple of shot’s and this one I was especially happy with. I looked for some foreground element and wanted to include the man gardening. and voila… so tell me what you think?

ISO 200, 12 mm, f11, 1/40th, circular Polariser, 0.3 soft grad ND, tripod, remote release.

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