The Ferry Across the Zijl carrying passengers between Leiden and Warmond, back and forth. Yesterday evening was cloudy but as I suspected around sunset the sun started to shine for just a little bit. I decided to bring my gear so that I could go out for a shoot immediately after my weekly aikido training session. My guess was right, the sun peeked through the clouds every now and then and just around sunset there was a magnificent display of colors in the sky.

I had little time so I chose a familiar spot close to my home…  I’ve spent a lot of time in and around this water. In the old days we went windsurfing here and if the wind was not blowing hard enough we would just take a swim and hang out. The ferry wasn’t there yet at that time so getting across the body of water was something special. Nowadays I live close by and every now and then me and my little family go for a bike ride and we take this little ferry just for the fun of it…

The Ferry was resting after a hard days work… waiting till the next day to bring more passengers from this side to the other and back… I knew the angle I would use since it’s always lying in this direction, and I’ve been here many tmes before so I knew what to expect. But this time the clouds and the light really did their magic thing…

Stuff used for the above shot: ISO200, 10 mm, f8, 1/10th, hightech 0.9 soft grad ND filter, tripod, remote release. (click on the top image to make it bigger)

Here are some other shots taken at the same location on different times and conditions. All in all I like the newest version best… what do you think?

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