Autumn in the Netherlands. This year it was rather late but when it happened it really happened!!! Amazing colors and almost all of the trees were at their prime color around the same time!  If you follow me on Facebook some of you might have already seen a preview of these shots so make sure to follow me there I you want more frequent updates.

It didn't happen... So what do you do then? Just shoot anyway! Still ended up with a nice enough image... not with the dramatic sky I had hoped for but hey, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Better luck next time! See you! on

I did not really plan a proper ‘shoot’ but when I was out taking a shot of the Watertower I just happened to pass a spot where there was a long lane of trees along a canal and it had a very nice gradual bend in it… I kew that it was there but now in the autumn this spot looked promising. Having no time to investigate I set it upon myself to return here later.


A couple of days later I returned and tried several shots from across the water and alltough some of the images worked for me I felt that there was more potential in this location. After a couple more days the morning was shrouded in amazing mist and the conditions were really promising. I decided to travel ‘light’ and since I was going for mist and trees I decided to take my longer lense with me. I got on my bike and rode out to this spot. Trying the same view across the water I quickly realized was not working for me so I crossed a bridge and immediately saw the carpet of leaves covering the ground. Not only was this a beautiful sight also the mist was adding amazing depth to the rows of trees slowly disappearing into the distance. That was it!

Trying out several compositions with people on bikes driving by and a woman walking her dog in the distance I somehow always end up with a vertical shot as my personal favorite.. I guess its because the vertical lines of the trees are nicely complimented by the vertical lines of a Portrait orientation…

Anyway… tell me which one you like, I would love to hear!!

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