Something Different (for me)

I was walking in the dunes of Katwijk with my kids, we kind of got lost in between the high sand dunes and i took a while to get back to the place we’ve started. During the walk the weather had changed from clear to cloudy/overcast. To bad because I was hoping to be abeled […]

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Landscape Photography at Katwijk, Buitensluis

Sunset at Katwijk, A good friend of mine wanted to experiment and learn long exposure landscape/seascape photography. So after checking the weather and tide and matching our own schedule we finally hooked up on a warm monday evening in July. We decided to go to the location where the Rhine finally ends up in the North […]

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At Day’s End

After a wonderful day the clouds were blown away and gave us this magnificent sunset. This image was captured roughly 10 minutes after sunset and taken on the same night as my previous blog entry: Bulb Exposure. Quite a contrast in colours and atmosphere isn’t it? It’s a spot that I’ve visited before but every […]

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