An early morning view of the Galgewater in Leiden. Shot on a beautiful morning in Leiden, from the Rembrandtsbridge, next to windmill The Put. You can see the historic harbor and ships and the city’s timber yard. In the middle on the left is the house where Rembrandt van Rijn was born (the famous painter). Galgewater literally means Gallows water and it used to be the place where they hung the criminals. Nowadays the Galgewater is used for more peaceful rowing matches and it is a very photogenic and touristic place.
These painterly images pay homage to the amazing artist that has once lived here.

ISO 200, 20 mm, f11, -0.7 EV, 1/10th, 0.6 soft grad ND, tripod, remote release


ISO 200, 10 mm, f22, 0,6 seconds, 0.6 soft grad ND, tripod, remote release


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