It’s that time of the year again. As a landscape photographer I have a bucket list of stuff to photograph in certain seasons. I mean, some things just look way better in winter and some things in springtime but in autumn… almost everything looks great! Because the sun is lower in the sky the light is simply better. Add that with the amazing warm tones of the fall foliage and you almost cannot go wrong!

Somehow last monday I had our car available, my wife wasn’t using it for work so I could use it and it significantly increased my radius on my monday morning photography trips. Because it was fall I looked at my bucket list and saw it was a great opportunity to try to improve my earlier shot of Castle Oud Poelgeest in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands. When I arrived at the location I could not help but start shooting away. I started ‘working the scene’ Moving closer to the castle and trying different compositions, angles and lenses. Somehow I always get into a kind of forensic state where I don’t want to miss anything… After slowing down I suddenly start to see other options… I had a shot in mind, one I had done before but wanted to try to improve. And I worked my way to that position keeping a keen eye out for other opportunities.

The play of light and shadow between the tree trunks and over the red colored leaves on the ground attracted my attention. Positioned myself so that the sun was partially hidden behind a tree trunk. This way you get two advantages, you can make an amazing sunstar by stopping down your f-stop and the intensity of the sun is reduced so your camera is less likely to underexpose. I bracketed my shots, experimented with different compositions, f-stops and orientations.

After this shot I moved in for ’the shot’ did I nail it? Not yet to my opinion but is is still a lot better than last year. the atmosphere of the mist in-between the trees and in front of the castle add a nice touch to this image and all in all I am happy with it. Having done the shot I decided to walk around the castle and try to find other things to photograph and just enjoy the walk and the scenery. My youngest daughter of seven months old (who is always with me on these small monday morning excursions) just woke up from her nap and me and the stroller went for a little walk. Every now and then I stopped to take a shot.

I worked with a tripod and a remote release for maximum sharpness and some shots are HDR merged from several different exposures. Using a tripod will ensure you the same frame over and over again.

Anyway hope you enjoy!


Autumn Woods Fall Forest Coloration Stick Together Castle Oudt Poelgeest


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