As you may or may not allready know I am a Graphic Designer by profession. In my work my clients and I often encounter the need for a regional image. Something that adds context to the design or emphasises it’s localisation. If you search for images you can find a lot of them on stock websites but they all are a very internationally oriented. So unless your company is next to the Eiffel tower, Big Ben in London or the Statue of Liberty it’s a difficult task to find good captivating local images to add context. That’s where RegioStock comes in! I’d heard of them allthough I must say I never really actually purchased a picture through them. Mostly due to the fact that I had been working for large international companies in the past. Our customerbase is shifting lately so we’re focussing more and more on local businesses.

I think the concept of is very clever, localised businesses usually are smaller and often do not have budgets for professional photographers to go out and document the environment of the company for days on end. So they can buy local stock photographs for a reasonal price over at They have an excellent database of royalty free, Dutch regional images with Dutch countrysides, landmarks and people. All categorised by region and city! It just doesn’t get much better than that!

I’m proud to announce that recently I have become one of the contributors over at I’ts been refreshing for me to have a different audience and to give my self ‘assignments’ for shooting landmarks and interesting high quality images in my hometown and it’s neighbourhood. Looking forward to working together with Regiostock and expanding my image catalog.

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