Monday is the day that I have the care of the kids and our household. One monday morning after bringing the two oldest to school the youngest did not yet wanted to sleep (she is about half a year old). I decided to go out for some shopping and put her in the stroller. This might be a chance to bring my camera and maybe take a small detour through the park before shopping? Sounded like a great idea, I decided to go and travel light and only bring the camera a 50 mm prime and my macro extension tubes.

In the park there is a small botanical garden that is a great location for practicing my macro skills. It has an amazing variety in plants herbs and trees and is very well kept.
The goal here for me was to improve on my macro skills, after looking at other people’s macro shot’s I noticed that they all had something in common; a great background. Allthough it is not so difficult to find something macro-worthy in the botanical garden in the fall I found it more difficult to get some of those backgrounds.
Anyway practice makes perfect they say so I started shooting. There was some difficulty because there was just a little to much wind, which made manual focusing and keeping your moving subject in focus a daunting task. Patience is key here… In the mean time my youngest in the stroller found my fascination with the small world of macro so boring she fell asleep. 🙂
Here are some of the results I am OK with to show you guys. Not all of them have great backgrounds so I think I need to practice more…  Now I gan go and vacuum the house and clean the bathroom and stuff… 😉
Have a Nice day!
_DSC4713 _DSC4714 _DSC4722 _DSC4751 _DSC4754 _DSC4771 _DSC4781 _DSC4786 _DSC4811
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