Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by photography. Watching my dad taking holiday snapshots with his Pentax camera. Having him explain to me how to take a photograph and how the exposure meter worked and ‘helping’ him in his darkroom to develop the pictures. All on a very basic level. He was working at that time for an construction company and it was his job to create PR pictures of the structures they made with his Hasselblad. When looking through my photo albums I guess I just got used to seeing well taken photographs at a very early age.

At 16 I started to work at a Printer. I was working in the Pre-press department with a large technical camera inside a darkroom and went to the Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam for one day in the week. Right after my graduation the whole digital revolution took place and soon I allready need to learn a new profession; Desk Top Publishing. Here I got acquainted with programs as Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress and Apple Macintosh. Soon I learned the gear and I had to go to school again to learn the theoretic side; Typgography and Graphic Design. The Graphic Design Course at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam even had it’s sub course in Photography; learning to shoot and develop your own photographs kindled my passion for Photography again.

After years and millions of rolls of film the Photography kind of disappeared into the background again, other hobby’s grabbed my attention. Finally after I started working at Balyon as a full time graphic designer the Photographic fever came back. I was trying to capture some good shots of my kids with an point and shoot and got frustrated with the sluggish autofocus and noise levels of the camera so we (my wife and I) decided we ‘needed’ a DSLR. After that things went quickly, I got grabbed by the fever and started taking photographs vigorously. Because of my work I get to see a lot of great quality pictures on a daily basis. I still learn every day by seeing the great results from professional photographers. Internet and blogs are wonderful resources to get information and learn from the pro’s. I guess I can say I’m self taught but one still has to get the right info from somewhere/one right?

Lately Photographing has become even more serious, I sold some of my pictures won a contest, I signed up with an stock agency. At the moment I’m big into photographing Landscapes and Architecture but I love taking Portraits as well. I decided it was time to grow up and get a ‘proper’ site with a blog. So here it is, my first blog post!

Hope to see you more often! And tell me what you think!



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