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The Gardener

I was out photographing the magnificent Dutch couds and the vista’s. Then while I was waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds a man came up to me. He lived in the house behind my position. He said that the view from his backyard across a little river was...

A Passage Across

The Ferry Across the Zijl carrying passengers between Leiden and Warmond, back and forth. Yesterday evening was cloudy but as I suspected around sunset the sun started to shine for just a little bit. I decided to bring my gear so that I could go out for a shoot immediately after...

Bulb Exposure III

After the last couple of misses in the tulip season (as you can read in this blogpost) I said to myself that this time I was going to be at the right time and moment. But then a little baby girl called Noor was born in my little family and things suddenly got very hectic during...

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