Welcome to the website of Martijn van der Nat. I’m a landscape photographer living in the Netherlands.
I love to capture the moments and beauty of everyday things that most people pass by and take for granted. This website allows me to share how I experience beauty with others.
My photographic themes are Landscapes and Architecture, but Portraits have my interest as well. I try to have a minimal approach and create strong compositions. Less is more. My work can be characterized as graphic, colorful, dramatic and always with a clear subject.

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An Evening at the Beach

I haven’t been out much lately. You know, the regular excuses of beeing busy with other stuff. But yesterday I just took a chance. I had hoped to go out and all day the weather was looking promising. I had two plans in my head, I ended up heading for the beach to go with plan […]

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Macro Mania

Here’s a small collection of close-up/macro images I took the last couple of weeks… I have had a fascination of dandelions for a while. I just love their structure and the background colors that happen when the background is filtered through the out of focus seedpods of the dandelion. I know it its a classic […]

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On my way

Every day on my way to work I pass this windmill. It’s been a favorite subject of mine to photograph for some time now. And I have done so under many different conditions and seasons. Once someone said that I should turn all my images into a book about the Grote Molen. (That is its […]

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Licensing Images

Most of my work can be acquired through the international stock agency prime.500px.com and Dutch stock agency; Regiostock.nl
If you would like to license an image that you cannot find there you can always contact me directly.

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