First sunsetshoot in May, the weather is finally getting to where you would expect it to be at this time of year. Nature is doing it’s best to catch up for lost time. The trees and grass are exploding with green and the sunset’s? Oh well, check em out for yourself!

I was not planning on this shoot but when I left the sportscentre after training I saw the sky and immediatly knew that it was going to be spectacular! I rushed out to the closest and familliar location. The car was running on empty. Then I saw that the Ferry that is usually at this location was gone!

Below a shot I took some time ago when the Ferry was there… This angle is what i had in mind…

Forced to improvise at I tried a couple of different compositions quickly. The fireworks were about to start!

Come what May

This location is very close to where I grew up as a kid. Me and my friends spent many hours swimming, sunbathing and hanging around at this bend in the river.
I cannot say that I learned how to windsurf at this spot but I certainly spent a lot of time on and in this water…

Back to the weather again, the forecasts look promising so looking forward to what is yet to come…

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