Inspired by youtubevideo’s I was planning on developing my macro skills more. So I ordered a budget version of macro extension tubes and started playing around.

Ever since received my budget extension tubes I’ve been having lots of fun improving and practicing my macro skills. Allthoug I am  happy with the results I’m getting allready I feel I still need to learn so much more!
Composition, background and sharpness are the fields I’m exploring at the moment and once I’m somewhat content with a certain level I will have to start to look further for more advanced themes to study.

Check out these video’s to get your macro-bug started

Karl Taylor testing different lenses and techniques and comparing the results.

Mike Browne Explaining  macro reverse rings

Or get some great tips on marcro photography over at Lightstalking

In the mean time; here are some shots of what I’ve been up to till this moment.


Moss Island

Hortensia Hazelaar Orchid

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