Just got back from my first holiday in a long time. After some deliberate thought we finally decided to go at last. With our four months old baby girl we decided to not go to far away from home and eventually settled on Bretange, France as our destination. We rented this mobile home on a camping and off we went. The camping was small but great for our other two kids who loved the climbing castle and the water slides in the swimming pool.

Right behind our Mobile home was some kind of field which was used for jeu de boules tournaments, archery contests and bbq. One evening the kids were running around on this field kicking a ball around when they asked me if I cared to join them. I walked up to the field and saw an amazing light fall on the grasses and the tree in the field. I turned around walked back to the caravan and got my camera. I shot about three or four frames of the scene before the sun sunk behind a mobile home and we lost the amazing light. Glad I had captured in time we went on with our little soccer match.

Now I’m home and am writing this because I still can feel the joy and relaxed atmosphere from our holiday whenI look at this image. The memories of it just make me feel happy!

As the Bretons say: A l’aise Breizh (Mimicking “A l’aise Blaise”, a French expression meaning “Keep cool, Relax Blaise” with a rhyme. Breizh being the name for Britanny in the local language.)

For the purists; ISO 200, 11 mm, -0,67 EV, f8, 1/200th, handheld

bigger is better so make sure you click on the image…

A l'aise Breizh

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