Long Exposures & Architecture

Lately I’ve been photographing a lot of long exposures. And I’m especially intrigued by architectural black and white long exposures. Inspired by artists like Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia-Anna Gospodarou I’ve been wanting/planning to do a shot like this for a long time now. Finally a chance arose. A building in my hometown of Leiden, The […]

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Landscape Photography at Katwijk, Buitensluis

Sunset at Katwijk, A good friend of mine wanted to experiment and learn long exposure landscape/seascape photography. So after checking the weather and tide and matching our own schedule we finally hooked up on a warm monday evening in July. We decided to go to the location where the Rhine finally ends up in the North […]

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Regio Stock

As you may or may not allready know I am a Graphic Designer by profession. In my work my clients and I often encounter the need for a regional image. Something that adds context to the design or emphasises it’s localisation. If you search for images you can find a lot of them on stock […]

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Sunset over Het Valkenburgse Meer

Yesterday all of a sudden, after a whole day of drab and dreary weather the sky cleared in the evening. It was the second longest day of the year. I immediately grabbed my gear and headed out to the Valkenburgse Meer. A location close to my home that I haven’t visited for some time. In […]

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Werk aan de Muur

I’m proud to announce that I’ve signed up to the website werkaandemuur.nl to sell some of my images. You can buy big canvas prints of my work there but I must say that there are many talented artists who sell their work through Werk aan de Muur. So go over there and check them out! […]

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Bulb Exposure II

This is a Follow-up from a previous blog called Bulb Exposure, you can read it here. Never make the same mistake, right? Oops, I think I just did… This week I was passing a field with fantastic purple tulips. I was on my way to check out another location but was very happy to see […]

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What Dreams May Come

First sunsetshoot in May, the weather is finally getting to where you would expect it to be at this time of year. Nature is doing it’s best to catch up for lost time. The trees and grass are exploding with green and the sunset’s? Oh well, check em out for yourself! I was not planning […]

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At Day’s End

After a wonderful day the clouds were blown away and gave us this magnificent sunset. This image was captured roughly 10 minutes after sunset and taken on the same night as my previous blog entry: Bulb Exposure. Quite a contrast in colours and atmosphere isn’t it? It’s a spot that I’ve visited before but every […]

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Bulb Exposure

Every Dutch landscape photographer should have a picture of the world famous dutch flower fields right? It’s a cliché image to have in your portfolio but if done right it add’s great colour and perspective. Last year I had my very first try. I was staking out possible locations on the internet and after weeks […]

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We have a winner!

Somewhere in february I entered the monthly phototheme of the Fokkio blog/community. The theme for the month April was landscapes, right up my alley! The photograps had to have been taken within the three previous months and had to be landscapes! Happy and surprised to have won and the great comments from the jury, gave […]

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